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He's Gone

Posted by Amota Eromanga on May 27, 2012 at 5:10 AM

I was thinking of my brother who was very ill at the hospital. I wanted him to get well soon so that he could be home with us as one happy family. I loved and missed him as he had not been around for days. While thingking of him, I remembered my Heavenly Father, the only one, who could make my brother well again.

As I prayed, I remembered all the things my brother often did for me when I needed help. I did cry while asking my Heavenly Father not to take my brother away from us. I also asked Him to forgive me for the many wrongs I had done to my brother. When I finished my prayer, I lay silently on my bed.

My eyes did not want to close though I tried forcing them to sleep - sleeping would stop me from thinking about him. Thoughts brought nothing but sadness deep in me. The next day, my mother asked me to go with her to the hospital. I agreed as there, I would see that he was getting better. I got myself ready.

Arriving at the hospital, I saw him lying on his bed with his eyes closed. I could see tears running down his face. I ran to him and standing at his bedside, I asked him how he was. He replied but I couldn't hear everything he said. I only heard the part saying that he was going to die. I looked at him and asked him to stay strong for me as I did not want to lose him.

I hurriedly ran to the doctor and asked him if he could come to see my brother. The doctor calmed me down saying that my brother would be alright and all that he needed was resting. I ran back and asked him to rest for soon he would feel better. He nodded and started to settle.

At home, I told mum what my brother had said to me at the hospital. Mum's face clearly showed that she was very sad. She needed to get back to the hospital soon, so when she got what she came back for, she was off. I stayed home without wanting to do anything. I was again busy thinking about all the funny things my brother had done. He usually made me happy and laugh.

Suddenly, I stood up. My heart felf something strange - the feeling of lost and empty. I seemed to see it clearly and was watching it. I realised that I was really crying. The door sprang open and there mum stood with eyes fully filled with sadness.

"Mum, please don't tell me ..?" I tried to speak.

"He's... gone" mum cried out.

*Note: Story was created by Kamwaitia Tenoa (F3B) - one of my students during our English class!


Categories: Sad Stories

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