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Stories From Kiribati


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Narerewa and The Skulls

Posted by Amota Eromanga on May 31, 2012 at 2:55 AM

On the northern end of an island, there lived Narerewa with his wife. The couple had ten young children. On the southern end of that same island, lived a group of skulls. Although they could only move around by rolling, these skulls were man eaters.

One early evening, Narerewa went fishing on the reef. Before he went, he prepared the things he would need such as a basket for his catch, some local torches, hoop net, hat and his knife. After saying goodbye - Narerewa went off.

Meanwhile and from the distance, the skulls saw Narerewa fishing on the reef. "Hey that's the husband fishing on the reef. Let's all go to his home and ask his wife for some food!"

So they started rolling over and over towards Nei Ningoningo's house. When they got there, they began shouting, "Nei Ningoningo ooohh. Where is Narerewa?"

"He is not here! He went fishing for his children" Nei Ningoningo answered from the house.

"Give us your child for our food!" demanded the skulls.

Nei Ningoningo became frightened though she answered, "No. I am afraid of Narerewa for he will get mad!"

"Shall we eat you, then?" continued the skulls.

Overwhemled by fear, she gave them her child.

The evil skulls ate the child and then went happily back to their home.

Meanwhile, Narerewa came back home. He called his wife to cook the fish for the children. When Nei Ningoningo finished cooking, she was asked by Narerewa to wake the children up as hot barbaqued fish was ready.

While the children were eating, Narerewa counted his children; "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ninnnn.. ?" Then he exclaimed, "Hey, where is the last one?"

Nei Ningoningo nervously told Narerewa everything about the terrible skulls and their poor child. Narerewa got really mad but could only do nothing as he had been away. After some sad silence, Narerewa commanded his wife to go fishing tomorrow night instead of him.

So the next night, Nei Ningoningo went out fishing. Narerewa now stayed home with the children. To change his look, he dressed up like a woman and waited for the enermies. Not long he felt the rolling movements of the approaching skulls. Finally, they were outside the door.

"Nei Ningoningo O! Where's Narerewa?" the skulls called out.

"He’s not here for he went fishing for his children" replied Narerewa - in a woman's voice.

"Give us your child as food!" they again demanded.

"No, for Narerewa will be very angry!" Narerewa replied again.

"Then, shall we eat you instead?" the skulls warned her.

"Yes, come and eat me instead!" said Narerewa holding his club and ready to kill.

Before the skulls could break the door, Narerewa got out fighting them. Might and hate helped him in defending himself and his children and in killing all his enermies.

When Nei Ningoningo returned, she was happy to learn that Narerewa had killed all those mean skulls.

The family lived happily ever after.

Categories: Children Stories

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