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Instructive Speaker - movements and expressions

Posted by Amota Eromanga on August 18, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Earlier today at school, one of my pupils, a boy of 6 years, asked me if I had been to his house.

“Miss, you haven’t been to my house, have you?”

“No, boy, I haven’t … why do you ask?” I replied looking into his face with a sign of having missed something extraordinary.

Then he began his map instructions which amazed me, “Know the road? Then there is a narrow path that passes close to a wall made of woven coconut leaves which surrounds the house made of bricks. That is not my house Miss; it belongs to the man who has a long scar over his face somewhere over his forehead. Miss, did you know how he got that scar?”

“No” I said paying more attentively.

“Okay, Miss, because he hadn’t been careful. He had an accident and that was how he got the scar. He was a bus driver who ran his bus into a tree! I heard from people that nobody died in the accident.”

“Oh, you are right” I agreed.

With the help of his body swaying or turning around as well as with his hands either pointing or turning to show exact directions, he continued, “Follow that path until you come to a long and big water puddle. I was not allowed to play near or in that puddle or mud worms would get inside me. One day I did try with some friends when grandma called and hit me with a stick. About ten sticks which really hurt me.”

“Oh, poor boy!” said I as I watched him performing how his grandma hit him. His actions seemed to be real. I could have seen what really happened to him that time. His facial expressions told me he was really hurt.

“It was my entire fault, Miss. My grandma told me she doesn’t want me to get sick. She loves and cares about me. I never play in that water puddle since then”

I still looked and listened to him.

“.... Then just opposite that water puddle is my house.” and he rested his hands for they had done their parts. His instructions had finally taken me to his house.

He was just a perfect instructor who used his body movements actively. His eyes, even voice, were directional, exact and guiding. But as he did so, he also had lots of other things he shared before he finally arrived at his house. He picked them as he guided me along the way.

I would say he is talented. Who knows? He might be an excellent public speaker one day!

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