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Results of the Second Round Of Elections

Posted by Amota Eromanga on January 16, 2016 at 4:30 PM

The table below contains the results of the 2nd Round of National General Elections which were held on Thursday 7th January 2016.

The first column of the table states the islands and the remaining seats that still need to be filled, including number of registered voters, how many people voted, the number of invalid ballot papers and of course valid papers.

Candidates are listed in the second column but note that names in red have won the most votes in these final round results and therefore have now become MPs of their respective islands.

Total votes each candidate received are in the last column.




 ARANUKA (1 seat)

 Tianeti Ioane



 Came to vote

 Invalid papers

 Valid papers

 Mwatin Moreti




 Riteti Maninraka




 ONOTOA (1 seat)

 Kouraiti Beniato




 Invalid papers

 Valid papers

 Baranite Kirata


 Tetokiraa Kimereti


 BERU (2 seats)

 England Iuta


 Registered 1127

 Came to vote 1076

 Invalid papers 0

 Valid papers 1076

 Tetabo Nakara


 Batoromaio Kiritian


 Mantaia Kaongotao


 NONOUTI (2 seats)

 Waysang Kumkee


 Registered 1375

 Voted 1204

 Invalid papers 7

 Valid papers 1197

 Ieremia Tabai


 Karuaki Matia


 Toromoa Katua




 ABEMAMA (1 seat)

 Willie Tokataake


 Registered 1597

 Voted 1369

 Invalid papers 7

 Valid papers 1362

 Tiarite Tioti Kwong


 Bonoue Kaiteie Tabaka


 MAIANA (2 seats)

 David Collins




 Invalid papers

 Valid papers

 Kaure Baabo


 Tioera Baitika


 Miire Raieta


 SOUTH TARAWA (3 seats)

 Shiu Fung Kam-ho


 Registered 13878

 Voted 10994

 Invalid papers 11

 Valid papers 10983

 Teburoro Tiito


 Kourabi Nenem


 Arobati Teewe


 Maere Tekanene


 BETIO (3 seats)

 Tangariki Reete


 Registered 6380

 Voted 5305

 Invalid papers 3

 Valid papers 5302

 Tebao Awerika


 Iotebwa Redfern


 Martin Tofinga


 Romano Reo


 NORTH TARAWA (3 seats)

 Boutu Bwateriki


 Registered 3512

 Voted 2755

 Invalid papers 41

 Valid papers 2714

 Emile Willie Sutz


 Atarake Nataara


 Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa


 Baraam Tetaeka


 ABAIANG (2 seats)

 Tekena Tiiroa


 Registered 2581

 Voted 2231

 Invalid papers 24

 Valid papers 2207

 Dr Teuea Toatu


 Teatao Teannaki


 Tetaake Kwong


 MARAKEI (1 seat)

 Ruateki Tekaiara




 Invalid papers

 Valid papers

 Patrick Tatireta


 Temate Ereateiti


 TABUAERAN (1 seat)

 Tewaaki Kobwae




 Invalid papers

 Valid papers

 Tetan Mweretaka




 Bauro Kaneti




 KIRITIMATI (2 seats)

 Kirata Temamaka



 Voted 2825

 Invalid papers 39

 Valid papers 2786

 Jacob Teem


 Tawita Temoku


 Wiriki Tooma


 TERAINA (1 seat)

 Uriam Tirae

 To be added



 Invalid papers

 Valid papers

 Rereao Tetaake Eria


 Johnny Moote Iabeta



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