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Stories From Kiribati


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Did You Get The Fish?

Posted by Amota Eromanga on June 5, 2012 at 1:25 AM

Motiimoa, a church deacon, led a sunday prayer service in his village. People bowed their heads, closed their eyes and listened cautiously to the deacon.

"Let us pray," the deacon spoke loudly, "Heavenly father, thank you for the love and care you have given us. I went fishing yesterday, and luckily caught seven huge yellowfin tuna. But I didn't want my family to selfishly consume all the fish by themselves because I wanted to share your love to other people. So I cut up the biggest tuna into three pieces and asked my children to put one piece in the basket and to take it to a poor widow living at the center of the village."

The deacon accidently opened his eyes and there he saw, among the crowd, the widow whom he was talking about. So he asked her, "Miss! Did you get the fish my children gave you yesterday?"

"Yyyyyes," the widow replied softly as she wasn't sure if she could answer during a prayer.

The deacon closed his eyes again and continued, "Heavenly father, when my children returned, I asked them again to give another piece to the old woman living at the end of the village."

He saw the old woman sitting at the back of the church so he asked aloud, "Hey, old woman! Did my children come to your house with the fish - yesterday afternoon?"

"Yes Deacon! They did, thank you!" the old woman shouted from the back of the church.

Again the deacon went further, "Heavenly father; that wasn't enough. When my children came back from the old woman, I asked them the third time to give the last piece to my friend Bwakaia for I knew he didn’t go fishing on that day."

As the deacon looked around, he saw Bwakaia so he asked in a loud voice, "Bwakaia! Did you get the fish my children brought you?"

Bwakaia completely forgot that it was a prayer service so he replied in a friendly tone, "That's right Motiimoa. Your kids came with the fish. Thank you so much. My wife boiled half of the fish and cooked the other half in the earth-oven. How about you? How did you cook your share?"

People walked out of the church.


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