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Stories From Kiribati


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Her First Telephone Call

Posted by Amota Eromanga on June 29, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Two girls were having a conversation inside their classroom. One of them was Nei Miri who just came to Tarawa from an outerisland. The other came from Betio. Yes it was during their short break time.

Nei Miri began,”Teretia, can you teach me how to use a telephone?”

“Yes, I’m willing to help you”

“Know what? I feel a little scared when I hold it cos I really don’t know how to use it.”

“No, you don’t feel that way. It’s simple.”

Nei Miri dropped her voice,”Yes, that’s right. But honestly I’ve never used it once in my life.”

“Come and I’ll show you,” and they walked to the telephone. “Now, here’s the telephone. First you should know the phone number of a person or place you want to call. Oh, here’s the directory that lists the names and numbers.”

“Okay, what to do next?” asked Nei Miri.

Teretia went on,”Look at this number 28115. That you now know what number to ring, then pick the telephone up. Put one end to your ear and the other to your mouth. Can you hear the long sound? Now dial these numbers 28115 one after the other. Okay good. What do you hear?”

“Long sound, then stops, long sound, then stops,” replied Nei Miri as she listened carefully.

“The sound indicates that the number you are calling is busy. Put it down and let’s wait for a few minutes.”

“Can I try it now?” and she pressed the numbers 2,8,1,1,5 again. Then she almost shouted, “The sound is now different. Hope it is not busy. Oh, it is being answered ……. What do I say? Umm, Urou? No, no, Hello! …… Yes hello. My name is Nei Miri …… I’m just learning how to use the telephone and how is my voice? ......... hahaahaa, sure? …… your voice is sweet too ......... thanks for answering me …… yes, now I think I can use the telephone …… Okay, goodbye.”

“So that’s it! The telephone won’t scare you anymore. Well done. You now can use it.” The bell for their next lessons rang.


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