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Stories From Kiribati


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The longest name

Posted by Amota Eromanga on October 7, 2012 at 2:00 PM

The villagers were sitting on one side of the mwaneaba (hall) while the medical team was on the other. It was the time for registration. People, one at the time, went forward to the nurse who was sitting at her table. She was very smart in asking and writing the names in her book. 

“Aram taiaoka (name please)? .. okay .. Bongi ni bung (date of birth)? .. okay” and her pen ran smoothly and swiftly as she wrote in her book. Then she would call for another person in English, “Next”

The villagers did not know the meaning of ‘next’ and thought it was the person’s name. They looked around and waited. Then after having learned the meaning of ‘next’, the villagers continued walking up to the nurse. They were also amazed to see the kind of nurse who could speak sweetly and write so quickly.

Then the man named Baiteke walked up to the nurse.

“Aram taiaoka?” asked the nurse.

Baiteke said his name as fast as he could, “Eeangnga raingaia bwa i bwaka n nanoia bwa i mateakiniko tengai e auriri te bong bwa ko bibitia inanoni korean …”

The nurse listened and tried to write as fast as she possibly could.

Baiteke continued his name, “nanou ma rawatin au iango ike e mena iai e tonuraoi ma ...”

“Stop! What a longest name! Give me your short name,” demanded the nurse.

“Clock” Baiteke clicked his tongue – his short name.

Note: Baiteke uttered the lyric of the old traditional dance song instead of his real name.

Adapted from Na Beetero’s funny stories.


Categories: Funny Stories

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