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Christmas Holiday for Tina

Posted by Amota Eromanga on October 13, 2016 at 5:35 AM

She couldn't believe her ears when her mother told her that she was going to Maiana, her home-island, to spend Christmas with her grandparents. Tina, the only daughter of Timau and Nei Rite, had always wanted to visit another island but her parents never allowed it. Now she had completed Year Two at KGV & EBS and her grandparents had asked her parents to allow her to come for Christmas.

Her first few days with her grandparents were a bit boring because she spent most of her time at home helping her grandparents. She was new to the place and had not made any friends. But after a week, more secondary school students from the island also returned home. Tina met some of the students she knew from school and began to go out with them. More and more students returned and Tina began to feel much more at home. With so many friends around, she began to enjoy her holiday. Some of her girl friends invited her to their homes in different villages and she also spent several days with relatives. Spending time in different villages like this, she quickly got to know many people. Being an out-going girl, she joined in village games like volleyball, 'kabwe', 'boiri' and she also went to several dance-nights in different villages.

Two days before Christmas day, the people from all villages came to Tina's village, Bubutei, for Christmas. The maneaba (biggest local house) was full and the whole village was crowded. Tina had never stayed in the maneaba for Christmas and had never seen a village so crowded with people. She was very happy and enjoyed everything, especially as her friends had also come for Christmas celebration. There were a lot of games, some of which she joined and some of which she enjoyed watching. On Christmas Day, many more things took place. There were church services, and in the maneaba, the dancing and singing of Christmas carols. Outside were games such as soccer, volleyball, 'oreano' and track events. Tina participated in the 100 metre race and was very happy to receive $10 for coming third.

The maneaba and field events went on for almost a week, and were followed by the New Year celebrations. Tina joined her friends going from house to house in the night singing 'Happy New Year' and in returned received some food and money from the people they sang to. The New Year celebrations went on for almost another week but Tina had to go back to her parents in Tarawa. She was very upset and sad to leave so soon, especially to leave her grandparents, but she was happy to have had such a wonderful holiday.

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