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Stories From Kiribati


Water Droplets Water Droplets Water Droplet 1 First time & experience in taking shots of water droplets. I filled an ice plastic bag with water and hang it over a bowl full of water. As water dripped down through the small hole I made at the bottom of the plastic, I then began taking shots. I didn't use a tripod - just hand holding the camera. 176916604 Invaders They are indeed water bubbles 177427871 Water Droplet 2 Here's one of the shots I took using the same method discussed. The black colour was the result of the dark background behind the bowl of water. 176916605 Water Droplet 3 That's another one - testing and practising. 176916606 Water Droplet 4 I really like the hole being produced down in the water. Hope, I had pressed the shutter at the right time :) 176916607 Water Droplet 5 I like the water surface and the descending ball. 176916608